Each 10ml ampoule contains

L-Ornithine L-Aspartate            5gm

Water for Injection  IP               q.s.


Liver disease, especially treatment of hepatic coma and pre-stage of coma.

Dosage & administration

Acute hepatitis : 1-2 ampoules (10ml ~20ml) daily.

Chronic hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis: 2~4 ampoules (20ml~40ml) daily.

The dosage could be increased for severe cases.

Hepatic coma and pre-stage of coma: The initial dosage should not exceed 20 ampoules (200ml) daily according to the symptoms. After 8 ampoules (80ml) are administered within first 6 hours, administer 4 ampoules (40ml) every 6 hours for next 18 hours. Mix with appropriate solution and inject as drip infusion.

Caution for us

  1. Warning

Carefully break off the ampoule since glass particles produced by ampoule breaking may be mixed and may cause the adverse reaction. Since caution is reauired for children and elderly.

  1. Contraindication

Patients with lactate acidosis, methanol intoxication, fructose-sorbitol intolerance,frutose-1,6,-diphosphatase deficiency.

  1. Precaution

In case of administrating high dosage ,urea level in blood and urine should be examined

Adverse reaction

Rarely laryngeal burning sensation or nausea mau occur.

Inform your doctor in case of any adverse reactions related to drug use.


Store in a cool place, protect from light.


5 Ampoules of 10ml.

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